Software Engineer (1)


Main job responsibilities

1. According to the development project management requirements, according to the overall design specifications of the system, software design, product software programming, design specifications.

2. Product software program writing and debugging, and software optimization and integration testing;

3.Participate in the overall planning and implementation of the project, control of progress

4. Work with the project manager on product research, functional requirements and definitions, and development process analysis and design

5. Responsible for the overall technical solution and system design of the system, quality control of the system

6. Confirmation of follow-up project plans and follow-up of progress.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic technology or computer science, English CET4 or above, age 25-35 years old;

2. Have more than 3-5 years of development experience, good code writing habits,

3.Familiar with product development process and software development specifications;

4.Love the development of AI smart products, hobby to research the latest electronic cutting-edge technology,

5.Familiar with tablet PC, AI speaker, intelligent robot product development, have certain architecture design capabilities;

6. Skilled in various types of single-chip microcomputer such as STM8/32, ARM microcontroller hardware and software development, familiar with embedded / low-level software development (Linux / microcontroller / DSP)

7.Experience in developing software for tablet PCs, AI speakers, and robot products is preferred;

Hardware Engineer (1)


Main job responsibilities

1. Responsible for hardware product hardware R&D and debugging, hardware circuit schematic design, PCB layout, new material confirmation and evaluation, electronic component selection, etc.

2.  Follow up the progress of product hardware development work to ensure that the responsible project is delivered on time and in quality;

3. Write a detailed test plan for the product, summarize and archive the production output of the product;

4. On-site guidance and follow-up during the trial production of new products;

job requirements:

1. Undergraduate electronic technology and other related majors, with more than 3-5 years of experience in electronic hardware design, English CET4 or above / age 25 to 45 years old;

2.  Has rich experience in electronic product design, and has experience in developing hardware systems for electronic products such as tablet computers, AI speakers, and intelligent robots.

3. With good theoretical foundation of analog electronics and digital electronics, proficient in all kinds of single-chip microcomputer such as 51, STM8/32, ARM microcontroller hardware and software development, embedded programming (Keil C51/STVD/IAR/Wince/assembly language)

4. Familiar with product development process and product testing specifications;

5.Familiar with EMC standards and PCB manufacturing process standards. 

6.Work hard, responsible and self-motivated, good execution, teamwork and overall situation. 

Salesman (3)


Job responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the development of SMT and PCBA processing and foundry materials business;

2.Responsible for the maintenance of the company's old customers, new customer development, familiar with the entire business process of quotation, order receipt, and payment;

3.Responsible for the comprehensive follow-up of the business: business public relations, project negotiation, project follow-up, implementation, business negotiation, contract signing and after-sales service, etc., and targeted tracking and maintenance of key projects and important customers and manufacturers;

4.Coordinate the communication between relevant departments within the company and ensure the orderly operation of customer orders: track production progress, coordinate, arrange shipment and settlement matters;

5.Coordinate the matters between the company and the customer, meet the customer's needs, tap the potential of the customer, and achieve sales targets;

6.Familiar with SMT, plug-in, post-welding, testing, assembly and other electronic factory process;

7.Statistics of related statements, collection of accounts receivable;

8.Visiting customers from time to time to establish smooth ;

Job requirements:

1. Male or female, high school and above;

2. More than 2 years experience in customer development of SMT and PCBA industry in electronics factory;

3.Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness, responsibility, and ability to withstand greater work pressure;

4.Cheerful personality, diligence, integrity, perseverance, demeanor and decent, with strong customer communication skills. Affinity; passion and enthusiasm, courage to challenge high salaries;

5.Skilled in operating office software: word, excel, ERP system, independent operation of the entire order tracking process;

6.Have a C license for more than one year.

PIE Engineer


1. Have more than 3 years working experience in SMT and DIP PIE, and understand the knowledge of electronic principles;

2. Familiar with the production of SOP/drawing process/work instruction book/flow chart/standard working hours;

3. Familiar with the analysis process of abnormal production, proficient in the new product introduction process;

4. Familiar with the production and testing of the treatment tools;

5. skilled operation of office software and CAD / CAM350 software.

QE Engineer(1)

1. Responsible for formulating new product quality control plan;

2. Responsible for formulating inspection standards for incoming materials, processes and finished products, and organizing training to ensure that inspectors clarify inspection requirements;

3. Organize IQC, IPQC, and OQC to inspect the products as required to ensure that qualified products can be submitted to customers;

4. Handling incoming materials, processes, and finished product quality abnormalities, and preventing unintended use of defective products;

5. Responsible for handling customer complaints, leading the corrective/preventive measures required for quality problems, and follow-up implementation;

6. Responsible for statistical analysis of quality issues, proposing rationalized suggestions and programs, and continuous improvement.

Electronic Assistant Engineer (1)


1.can understand the circuit schematic;

2. Familiar with digital circuits and analog circuits;

3. can skillfully use the software LAYOUT PCB;

4. Have skilled PCB welding technology and independently produce engineering samples;

5.with testing and debugging PCB function technology;

6.BOM production

SMT production team leader (1)


1. Responsible for the production tasks and supervision tasks of the production line;

2. Training guides the SMT staff's homework planning;

3. Production site and production daily work, monitoring product quality;

4. Familiar with the SMT production line process;

5. Responsible and communication skills.

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