Product Description

Wireless follow:A dog that  can be walk


Appliance control:Voice interactive control air conditioner, fan, switch, TV


Sound localization:Justcall


Bionic machinery:100%bionic robot


Cool story:Transformers, Altman, spacedance, bionic new year, more than forty handsome cool story design

Smart speaker:Amobile smart speaker, high fidelity technology, 20 years of precipitation


Human interaction:Voicecontrol action, children's songs, Chinese studies, jokes, stories, scenes,lights


Chinese education: various schools of thought, Pre-Qin poetry, Tangpoetry, Song poetry, Yuan Qu, three character classics, disciple rules, etc


family entertainment:walk a dog on the square; children's songs, stories, jokes and other richentertainment features


Children's puzzle:Acutting-edge science and technology enlightenment teacher, intelligent voice,mechanical bionics and other cutting-edge technology in your hands


Dynamic fashion:Developedand designed for 18 months, can talk, fashion and dynamic


Intelligent obstacle avoidance:Obtain obstacles 750px ahead of time, automatic obstacle avoidance

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