The era of intelligence has arrived, where should humans go?

Following the opening of the World Smart Driving Challenge on June 28th. On the morning of June 29th, the first “World Intelligence Conference” was officially opened at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference was co-sponsored by the United Nations Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Internet Information Office, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The conference aims to promote scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation in the field of intelligence in the world and foster new intelligent technology industries. The special events of the conference are also quite rich, covering deep learning, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, intelligent driving, intelligent security and many other fields.

At 11 o'clock in the morning, Ma Yun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group, delivered a speech on the theme of "Tian Ma Jin Yun - Smart Change the World". The speech revolved around the contents of "Internet, Big Data and Intelligent Age", from the "data and machine intelligence combination", "the change of intelligent society", "in the face of the era of intelligent change, what is the opportunity of China" and other aspects of human and Smart machines together meet the future.

With big data, let people know themselves better. He believes that when data and machine intelligence are combined, the machine should be made to do things that humans can't do, let the machine develop its own intelligent power. In his view, big data has the opportunity to make people more aware of themselves. And the machines of the future must know more about each individual of human beings. Because its perspective is to observe the inside of things. The human eye is looking out, including IT technology. The intelligent machine is seen inside, it can engage in the object itself to observe the inner things and laws. Therefore, with big data, human beings can understand themselves more and understand their own problems.

Artificial intelligence is the trend of the times, and human beings should actively embrace the arrival of the intelligent age, not the instinctive resistance. In 1865, when the car came out in the UK, the coachman at that time was a middle-income group of the society. They felt that the car came out and smashed my life, so I went to the government to protest. Finally, the government introduced a The miraculous bill in the history - the red flag bill, there must be three people in each car, one person takes a red flag 50 meters ago, the car can never exceed the carriage for a speed, there must be a lead in front, if the speed of the car exceeds the carriage, The license plate for the car will be revoked. Of course, the final bill was cancelled because no one can stop the advent of the automobile era.

Ma Yun also cited the example of Ke Jie's defeat of Alpha Dog Go. He believes that human beings should do more meaningful things. There is no need to go to frustration because of the fact that Go has won humans under the machine, because human beings have to do things, things to consider, meanings. Bigger. In the age of intelligence, what the machine has to do is to record and analyze the vast amounts of data in the city. For the intelligent society, including the work of many artificial intelligences to replace human beings, in his view, this is the inevitable result of the development of intelligent society. No one can stop the arrival of the intelligent age. What humans have to do is embrace the changes of the intelligent age. More importantly: since humans cannot change the future of the intelligent age, then change themselves.

The era of big data has only just begun, and China has the opportunity to step out of the road of technology. For this content, Ma Yun first stressed that do not talk about the overtaking of the corner. He believes that in the era of big data, China should overtake on different roads. We must consider what the future gap is, to seize the needs of the future era. China has already taken the lead in the world in many aspects such as the Internet, e-commerce, and big data. It is also necessary to consider how to create leading advantages in these areas, rather than comparing with other countries.

In the face of the future intelligent era, it is necessary to re-identify and think about the way of education. He suggested that children should be able to lay the foundation for innovation from the current stage of education. Don't memorize books, but cultivate thoughts about the truth. He believes that science itself is not a truth, but a tool for proving truth. We should let the next generation learn to think about the future from now on, and let the next generation understand that the next hundred years is the era of wisdom. In the future, children should learn to think and cultivate their creative ability. To be a "wisdom and creativity" person, and the machine is only intelligent.

The main body of artificial intelligence innovation is the enterprise. Ma Yun emphasized that enterprises have always been at the forefront of artificial intelligence innovation. He started from Alibaba to pay for Alipay in the artificial intelligence analysis of the fraud mode of thinking, talked about training and training of intelligent machines, so that the machine has the ability to learn and analyze. at the scene. He also mentioned whether it is possible to give some scientists (technical experts) in the technology company a request for the identity of the academician in the future, which has aroused everyone's applause. Finally, he once again called for: intelligent machines should not become human opponents, should be human assistants, and together with humanity to meet the troubles and problems of the future.

With a new perspective, Ma Yun explained that we should reconsider and understand the intelligent age and actively embrace it. At the same time, human beings should objectively understand themselves and lead the development of the times.

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